About Redwood Grove aftercare

Redwood Grove Transitional Systems is a unique and highly effective aftercare program that began working with families in 2006, when our founder, Dr. Tolen, sought a way to help his residential treatment clients return home with minimal chance of relapse. We have licensed therapists who are trained Aftercare Clinicians across the country and abroad to apply our treatment model, and continue to recruit therapists in order to meet all our clients’ needs.

How do we provide the support you need?

Our program is a research-based, comprehensive home and community-oriented approach that addresses the complete environment in which the family lives. We work directly in the home with our clients, their families, and their extended communities to make positive and long-lasting changes in their lives.

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“Outcomes…are more closely related to the stability of the discharge environment and not to in-treatment gains.”
-Epstein, 2004